The Clock is an augmented reality game played on AR Games. It is a clock which shows what time it is. It must be bought in the Shop for one Play Coin.


The clock has an hour hand, minute hand, and a second hand. The clock will show what time it is on the 3DS system. Pressing the A button will have a cuckoo bird come out of the AR Card. What you can do is, when you press A, get really close to the cuckoo bird and it will begin to hit your screen. Do this enough times and eventually your screen will break and explode! The cuckoo bird will then turn black and this can't be done again until you exit the clock. Also, occasionally the cuckoo bird will change to a hen and make bocking sounds. However, you cannot break the screen with the chicken if you already broke it without exiting Clock. If you hold the joystick right time will go forward and if you hold it left time will go backwards.