Free Fishing is the sequel of Fishing that lets the player fish for as long as he wants. Any fish he catches will be stored in the Fish Gallery. It must be bought in the Shop for three Play Coins.


Free Fishing is just Fishing, but with no points or time limit. There are 30 types of fish you can catch in free fishing [[[Dragon]] can only be caught in regular fishing] , and some require special events.


This is a list of events that happens during fishing, some fish can only be caught during a special event, so pay attention!

  • Morning, Evening, Night Cycle - Some fish can only be caught a specific time of day, but this cycle is a lot shorter than the real cycle of the times of day.
  • Rain - Sometimes during the day, or for the whole day, it will rain. It will either rain hard or light. No specially appear during rain, but not many fish stick around during rain. And while it's raining, your screen appears to get wet.
  • Snow - Snow is quite uncommon and no fish specially appear when snow is around, but it does make the edges of your screen "freeze."
  • UFO - To tell if a UFO is coming you hear a strange noise, then you must hit it with your hook, and catch it in the water as a purple fish. UFOs can be common and uncommon at different times.
  • Lakitu - When Lakitu appears (A guy on cloud from the Mario franchise), all the fish in the water will become Bloopers and this is the only way you can catch a Blooper [it is extremely hard to just get them to bite at least once ] once.
  • Rainbow - There is a good chance that after raining really hard, a rainbow will appear, then five colored fish [the white clown trigger fish, the blue tang, the green moon wrasse, the red coral hind , and the yellow butterfly fish] . will appear, and will stay around that area for quite a while. Catch them while you can because rainbows don't appear that often, and neither do the fish!
  • Thundercloud - At a very rare chance, a thundercloud will appear. It will strike the water the lighting and turning all the fish into Skelefish, or Fish Bones. They will nibble at your line like any other fish. they all look like dead fish skeletons in the water, but they have glowing green eyes.
  • Colors - When you put your AR Card on a different colored surface, the Nintendo 3DS will see it and a special fish will appear. Here are the different colors:
    • Blue - When you put it on blue, a school of sardines appear shaped like a fish. Just stick your hook through the middle of it and you'll catch one.
    • Red - When you put it on red, a bunch of Cheep-Cheeps from the Mario franchise will start jumping out of the water. Catch one in the air to catch it.
    • Green - When you put it on green, a bunch of Koopa Shells from the Mario franchise will begin to fall in the water. Simply catch one to claim your prize.
    • Yellow - When you put it on yellow, Mr. AR will fall in the water and begin to drown, you must hook him to save him. And yes, he counts as a fish. the king sized mr. Ar  just symply swims away in afew seconds.
  • King Sized Fish - A King Sized Fish is a fish that is bigger than all the other fish of its kind. It will be quite large in the water, and you can tell the difference when you catch it. When you catch a King Sized Fish you warn a crown by it in the Fish Gallery.
  • Golden Fish - After catching 30 of the 31 fish, you will have the chance to catch golden fish. To do if a fish is golden, look in the water, and if the fish is gold, it is a golden fish. The only type of golden fish is a Golden Marlin, which is extremely hard to catch because of how fast it is. it breaks the line in 1 to 5 nibbles.


See Free Fishing Guide for pictures of all the fish!

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