Star Pics is an augmented reality game where the player can take pictures of the characters on the six AR Cards together or alone. It is also one of two games that doesn't need to be unlocked in AR Games.


The point of Star Pics is just to take pictures of video game characters that look like they are in your home! Their pose, size, and position can all be changed!


There is one glitch with Mr. AR's AR Card. First make sure that there isn't real good lighting in the room. Then, when putting Mr. AR's card out on display, take out that card for the Pikmin card (or any other card, but it's easier with Pikmin). Move your Nintendo 3DS system to make the Pikmin card in the top left hand corner. There is a good chance that Mr. AR will briefly pop up on the screen, or long enough to change his pose or take a picture.


IN NEED OF IMAGES. Will post later.